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The venue will be off Highway 20, with regards to 30 miles North involving Mountain Home.

Another 100 people stopped by simply their particular tent to get drinking water as well as just cool off in day one. I'm ready in order to arrive have some fun."

"The public may be exceptionally great," mentioned Deputy Garret Kinnan in the Elmore County Sheriff's Office. When necessary, we are usually able to hydrate in the more extreme measure by getting an IV."

That's exactly where Registered Nurse Nancie Brininger arrives in. eat plenty. MDT August 1, 2015

Thousands battle your heat only with that year's Nation Songs Festival.(Photo: KTVB)

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Noble Atherton brought his family up coming from Nampa. In the event that you're going to drink beer, you want 2 waters for every one beer you drink. "We've had a lot more health-related calls than anything."

Nation music Festival fans battle heat08-01-2015


The Mountain House country Songs Festival finishes up Sunday night using Florida Georgia Line. Your Woman says that can be the real step to keeping individuals healthy out here, preventing problems just before these people commence dropping people, "We're really concentrating on prevention, wanting to walk the crowds, misting individuals down, we're passing out waters, encouraging them to arrive for the tent along with cool off."

ELMORE County -- Your Mountain Residence country music Festival will be completely swing, and also fans tend to be loving it.

She, plus a number of other nurses, EMTs and also volunteers will most likely be providing first aid just about all weekend long. There's the large amount of food out here. But, Brininger says, individuals need to help themselves out, "Hydrate up. "We will possibly be here every 1 associated with the way towards the end about Sunday."

What's not necessarily so entertaining is the heat. They've already been quite busy, seeing 75 folks pertaining to heat-related issues within the very first day alone.. The Actual healthcare staff does almost all it can. Anyone want to create sure you're wearing sunscreen."

Brininger says, "We knew how hot the particular temperatures had been planning to be, so we really ready through stocking up on a lot of water and also sunscreen. Your temperatures hit triple digits once again in Saturday, and there's not a large quantity of shade out there.

Justin Corr, KTVB 10:20 p.m. "I work throughout the particular day long. Don't skip the food